Lehner Wool

100% pure new sheep wool

Thermal insulation for roof, wall and floor.

Without adhesives and synthetic support fiber.

To the sheep wool insulation

Insulation without moth infestation

Lehner, an Austrian producer of sheep wool products, makes the Isolena insulation mats from wool for Lehm-Laden. Lehner works exclusively with sheep wool, which they process into their various products. The Isolena product range includes insulation materials for house construction: roof insulation, impact sound insulation and other applications. The use of sheep's wool as insulation is not always without problems. A major challenge is the risk of moth infestation, which has been conventionally dealt with using chemical moth repellents. For the Isolena products, however, the Lehner company has developed a biocide-free, certified process (Ionic Protect®) in which the wool is treated plasmaionically and thus protected against pests. This process succeeds in ensuring that the wool is as identical as possible to its original condition in terms of its texture, structure and, in particular, its insulating properties. It is needled into fleece mats and is extremely beautiful to install in this form: The feel alone makes it a pleasure to work with this soft insulation material. With insulation mats made of sheep's wool, you clothe your house in a fluffy, cozy coat. Wool, like all organic natural building materials, has the property of being open to diffusion. Its insulation value is very high, it is able to purify the air and regulate humidity.