Insulation material and plaster base from reed

Since the 1920s and today in 6th generation: Europe-wide trade with the traditional building material reed.

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Reed and what you can do with it

Hiss Reet, a small family business, manufactures mainly reed products for roofing, but also wallboard and insulation made from reed. Reed pressed into boards makes excellent interior insulation and is also strong enough to be used as building board. It can also be used for exterior insulation. At the same time, these boards eliminate the need for an additional plaster base. However, Hiss Reet also produces thin-layer plaster bases made of long reed stalks that are stapled to the substrate and covered with clay or lime plaster.

The traditional Northern German company, which looks back on a history of almost two hundred years, produces its building materials without the use of chemical additives such as biocides. Hiss' raw material reed grows in Romania, Turkey and Hungary, where it is processed after harvesting and drying. The reed is shipped to Germany by ship.

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