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Honest and understandable

Do you want to upgrade your house with ecological building materials, build a new building that is healthy to live in, renovate a historical building properly and professionally - and don't know what to do at one point or another? Don't despair, just ask: I am here to support you with my advice.

Neutral and honest advice: that is what I offer my customers. In all the years in which I have gained experience as a carpenter, as a building biologist and as a clay builder, I have come to know a great many houses and building methods. There was a lot of bungling and botching, but also a lot that was done well and correctly. I have learned a lot from both sides: how to tackle this or that building problem correctly and effectively, but also how not to tackle it at all.  

In the meantime, I know how to do it right and I like to share this knowledge. Ideally, I carry out my building biology consultations during a house inspection. Together with you, I inspect the existing building fabric and evaluate it with regard to the materials used and possible damage. You also explain your goal to me. This is the basis for my recommendations on how and with which building materials you can build on the existing substance. In other words, I show you how you can achieve your structural goal and where opportunities and risks may lurk in your case.

Please do not think of such a consultation as the documentation of your house. I don't take photos, nor do I make a list of the individual findings. Instead, we talk as one person to another: I explain your house to you. At the end of the consultation you should know how your house 'ticks' and what kind of organism it is, so that you can conclude how best to deal with it: That is exactly what I want to convey to you.

Ich berate dich gerne auf deiner Baustelle oder in deinem Wohnhaus in der näheren Umgebung; weiter entfernte Objekte vermittle ich gerne an eine Kollegin oder einen Kollegen. Neben der Beratung vor Ort besteht auch die Möglichkeit einer telefonischen Beratung, oder einer Videokonferenz, die ebenfalls sehr komplex und ausführlich sein kann. Am Ende eines solchen Gesprächs sollst du nicht nur die einzelnen Probleme samt ihren möglichen Lösungen ganz genau verstanden haben, sondern du sollst die Zusammenhänge begriffen und sie für den Fall deines Hauses bildlich vor Augen haben. Nur mit einem präzisen Bild im Kopf verstehst du wirklich, realisierst du die einzelnen Aspekte als Teile des Gesamtgebildes und kannst die erforderlichen Maßnahmen erfolgreich umsetzen.

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