Hemp insulation - simple, safe and good.

Insulation and building materials made from hemp are high quality, work great, are easy to work with and are purely natural - to name just a few advantages.

To the hemp insulation materials

Before its damnation, hemp had been cultivated in Europe for centuries. It provided oil and fibres, valuable raw materials of many uses. The cooperative Hanffaser Uckermark in Prenzlau has remembered this and has been producing building materials from hemp for over twenty years: holistically ecological, plastic-free, pollutant-free. What's more, it's simple: mechanical harvesting, drying, defibration, done. Hanffaser Uckermark is a cooperative based in Prenzlau in the Oderbruch region, with whom we are happy to work.

Thermal and sound insulation

Wall and floor made of hemp and hemp-light clay

The two hemp-light clay mixtures from the Hanffaser Uckermark cooperative are optimized for walls or floors. With low processing moisture, one forms a complete wall structure, which is introduced as a fill behind a lost formwork, the other you process as a dry fill between the ceiling joists for impact sound insulation.

When installing light clay as external wall insulation, drying the light clay installed while still moist is usually a challenge that has to be managed with the help of machine technology. The LLS-400 from the hemp fiber factory is a product with minimal installation moisture, which significantly shortens the drying time and allows construction to proceed quickly.

To the hemp-light clay

For pouring or filling.

Hemp insulation wool.

You portion the insulation yourself when installing it (and avoid wasting building material that is incurred through cutting and cuttings): The insulation wool from the Hanffaser Uckermark cooperative is not supplied as a mat, but in pressed bales. This is consistently ecological after biocide-free cultivation, because this is the only way to obtain a completely plastic-free product. The natural properties of the diffusion-open, long-lasting insulation made of hemp fiber include its insensitivity to pests, moisture and mold.

For use in the ceiling or in the roof and facade, we offer various products whose properties are optimized for the respective areas of application.

To the hemp insulation whool

Hemp-lime: wall and insulation in one

The earth-moist mixture of hemp shives and dry Roman lime or NHL (of course Hydraulic Lime) creates a homogeneous and highly insulating wall structure in a permanent formwork.

Another variant of the hemp-lime are prefabricated blocs. These are completely dry and ready to use. On the front sides, the blocs are provided with tongue and groove to ensure a solid bond and effective processing.

These blocs are best bricked up with the lightweight plaster Hessler HP 9 L, which is particularly flexible and harmonizes very well with the insulating blocs.

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