Wood oils



Linseed oil for building material and well being 

Natural oils for wood care should be based on linseed oil. The range of linseed oil building materials is large: depending on how the linseed oil is further processed, it produces oils and oil mixtures for many applications, not just in ecological house building.

An initial primer is made with raw linseed oil. The boiled linseed oil, in turn, cares for wooden parts. The so-called stand oil can be added to mixtures to increase strength and weather resistance. Hard oils are created by adding a proportion of wax. Unfortunately there are some oils on the market that have been mixed with solvents to allow it to penetrate deeper into the wood or to suggest easier processing. Since pure linseed oil is very easy to process, there is no need to add solvents. In addition, these solvents outgas over a long period of time, which can lead to unpleasant odors or even damage to health. The use of pure linseed oil is therefore equally beneficial for your building materials and for your health.

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