Wood soaps


For floors and furnitures

Wooden components that are to retain their particularly soft feel and whose surface looks especially typical of wood are given a finish that can be seen and felt by treating them with wood soap. In the home, it is used for wooden floors or furniture.

Wood soaps consist to a large extent of olive oil. Suitable olive oil soaps are the Corfu soap and the Marseille soap, which gives slightly better results. Soaping maintains and protects the already finished surfaces, so soaping wood is almost never the only surface treatment. After application, the soap forms a layer on the surface, which should remain there permanently, but requires regular care. Unlike linseed oil or any other oil used to treat a wooden floor, for example, soap does not penetrate the pores but remains on the surface. There it remains as a fine outermost layer. This type of wood care is therefore only suitable for all wooden components whose surface has already been given a complete finish. Wood soap is only suitable as the sole surface treatment in places that are not heavily used. Wood soap cannot adequately protect main walkways such as corridors or the area in front of the kitchen counter.

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