Linseed oil paint


Pigments for wood protection

Linseed oil products are the ideal building material for wood protection, as linseed oil is a very pure, raw material that does not require any additives.

The use of raw linseed oil is recommended for priming. This pure, unprocessed product is only the cold-pressed flaxseed oil, from which any solid constituents have been removed by fine filtering. Organic solid constituents could promote the formation of mold. For this reason, edible linseed oil is not suitable for wood care: for reasons and on purpose, it contains the finest solid particles that are used for nutrition, but can damage a wood surface.

Linseed oil paints are boiled linseed oils with a certain proportion of pigments. This proportion of pigment not only causes a different appearance, but also influences the UV protection: higher proportions of pigment also offer greater protection against UV rays and the wood is less decomposed by UV light.

Dark, intense colors heat up the wood more quickly and, on the one hand, promote constant drying, but on the other hand, the wood cracks more quickly. Even if it is currently modern: dimensionally accurate components (such as windows) should not be painted with dark colors because they can warp due to heat.

To optimally protect the wood, apply linseed oil paints in two or more layers, each layer as thin as possible. The more pigment that is applied to the wood by applying a layer of paint, the more beautiful the results and the more the surface gains in shine. In general, it applies to all linseed oil products that they should be applied in as thin layers as possible and have to dry completely before the next coat.

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Paint or glaze?

Linseed oil paints are mixed in the manufactory in a wide range of prefabricated colours. In addition, it is possible to mix an individual colour shade.

These paints are intended for painting windows and trusses outdoors, and for furniture, children's toys and many other applications indoors. The result is opaque paints. For less opaque paints, the use of linseed oil glazes is recommended. They are mixed with a lower pigment content. The wood structure shines through the glazes.

With the particularly high-quality glazes from the manufacturer Leinölpro, an extremely high surface strength can be achieved. They are ideal for the perfect finish. To freshen up an existing coat of paint, paint the surface with a pure linseed oil that contains only a few pigments. It gives the surface a new shine, adds new pigments and creates a very strong protection. Glaze oil is also available in a pure, pigment-free version.

Existing linseed oil coats are maintained with boiled linseed oil, which reactivates the pigments with a single application. Such maintenance is necessary at longer intervals and produces very beautiful and good results with little effort.

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