Organizing logistics

Delivery of building materials

We deliver in the most environmentally and human friendly way possible and make delivery costs transparent.

Buying construction materials a Lehm-Laden is uncomplicated for you. Depending on the quantity and type of products, we have ideally suited logistics.

The delivery costs for the products you buy in the loam shop are displayed in the shopping cart.

Building materials are mostly delivered directly from the manufacturers. Transport from the manufacturer to our warehouse and on to the customer is long and energy-intensive. Since your order is shipped from different locations, delivery times can be kept short and transport energy low.

This is where transport with intelligent logistics comes into play. In the general cargo sector, you can choose between a comfort delivery, where individual pallets are also delivered by truck with a truck-mounted forklift, and an express delivery, where the delivery is made by a classic general cargo forwarder. Larger orders can be delivered with a building material truck, which is equipped with an unloading device as standard. Here we also pay attention to a good capacity utilisation and few empty runs. 

We always try to achieve the best possible delivery price for you, but we take strict care not to push prices too low - you know: that is always at the expense of the general public. And it's a truism, but true: it's in the nature of things that transporting heavy building materials is complex and therefore expensive. Online shops that offer this too cheaply or even free of charge have to subsidise the shipping with income from other sources.

A few more words about the "external values" of our packages: We design the packaging of our goods to be as sustainable as currently possible, as we are aware of how energy-intensive shipping by parcel service is. The cardboard boxes are made of a special mixed material: They consist of 30% grass fibres and 70% recycled paper. Since grass grows back quickly, the energy required for the fresh fibres can be kept at an extremely low level. The filling material used is made of pure recycled paper, the adhesive tape is made of paper and an adhesive made of potato starch. The only small snag: thin sinusoidal threads made of plastic that run through the adhesive tape to improve stability.


Our logistics solutions at a glance

Comfort delivery for building materials
3 - 10 working days*

For larger delivery quantities, we order a truck with a truck-mounted forklift. Please make sure and ensure that the access road to the construction site can be accessed by large trucks. If this is ensured, this form of delivery usually goes very smoothly. We have been working with this forwarding company for a long time, the drivers are competent and courteous and will deliver the goods to the location of your choice if it is accessible for a forklift.

Partial and complete loads
3 - 12 working days*

We have part and full loads delivered by a forwarding agency with large trucks with transportable forklifts, which drive the building materials directly from the producer to your construction site. Since we strive for the most sensible possible transport logistics, a lead time of three to seven working days can be expected, depending on the destination and capacity.

Here it is worth asking for an individual delivery price.
Fast DHL parcel shipping
3 - 12 working days*

Kleinmengen versenden wir, wie jeder andere Onlineshop auch, per Paket. Wir haben uns bewusst entschieden für die Zusammenarbeit mit Paketdienstleistern, die ihren Zustellern und Distributionsmitarbeiter-
*innen möglichst faire Löhne zahlen. Bis zu zehn Pakete versenden wir standardmäßig als DPD-Paket, Sie haben jedoch im Shop die Wahlmöglichkeit, auch 15 Pakete mit der DPD oder aber auch zehn Pakete per Spedition verschicken zu lassen, um Ihren persönlichen Postboten zu entlasten.

General cargo deliveries 
3 - 8 working days*

Depending on the volume, we have the goods delivered by a freight forwarder. In general cargo, this is possible up to 2.5 t or five pallets. Please be aware that this type of delivery, carried out with a lorry with lifting platform and pallet truck, is a great effort for the driver, as he has to move each piece by hand. In addition, on unpaved ground, moving on the pallet with the lift truck is hardly possible, if at all. It is then always a fine touch to receive the goods personally with a helping hand. 

* Delivery times are always dependent on the market situation. The current market situation for building materials is generally quite tense. In many cases, materials are not available and raw material prices are rising immeasurably. Locally produced ecological building materials are not affected by this. Only delivery times are no longer easy to calculate. In the area of partial and full loads, we can rely on a good partner and are still in a strong position here. In the area of general cargo shipments, the promised delivery time can almost never be met. Fixed or express deadlines are no longer possible.
Please allow for longer transit times for shipments, all parties involved are doing their best to transport the ordered goods quickly and safely.

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