Floor heating


No more cold feet

With underfloor heating in ecological house construction, one should be aware that this type of heating is only used for temperature control. Underfloor heating that works alone and brings full heat into the house requires high flow temperatures that are not pleasant for the human organism, which is why such a heating concept should not be used. The task of underfloor heating is to increase the temperature of the floor just enough so that the floor does not radiate cold. The temperature of the floor is adjusted to that of the walls and ceiling.

Floor heating systems that are created using the dry construction method are particularly recommended and easy to use. Impact sound insulation, underfloor heating and wooden floorboards can be laid in one operation. The system consists of components that serve this purpose: grooved soft wood fiber boards enable the heating pipes to be clipped into heat conducting sheets specially designed for this purpose; wooden strips run between the soft fiber boards on which the plank floor is laid. Alternatively, this system is also suitable for installing a dry screed that can be tiled instead of the wooden floor.

Just like the wall heating, the heating pipes of the underfloor heating are connected to a heating circuit distributor. Both systems, wall and underfloor heating, can be combined with one another and evenly controlled via a room thermostat.

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