Ceiling heating

Ceiling cooling


A good climate comes  from above

For ceiling heating or cooling, there are prefabricated modules made of heating pipes, that are mounted on the ceiling. They are used to heat and also to cool the room. The heating elements contain a proportion of dispersion so that full stability is guaranteed even if moisture condenses on the cooling surfaces.

The cooling of living spaces has become more and more important in recent years. For this, the heat must be reliably transported away. The heating and cooling elements can do this: they absorb heat in the living space and conduct it outside. There, the heat is usually extracted from them again using a heat pump.

If the cooling is combined with a clay building board, the clay building board can deal much better with any moisture that may arise. When using gypsum boards with integrated cooling, moisture condenses - and damp plaster can easily become moldy.

The human body also perceives the warmth of ceiling heating as very pleasant. Even more so than with wall heating or classic radiators, the furniture can be set up completely independently in the room without installing heating surfaces or being hindered by bulky radiators. Large window areas can be planned in this way, since there is still enough space available for heating or cooling.

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