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First skin 

The human is the center of attention. The walls, floor and ceiling that make up a room are the first skin of a house .  

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 Second skin

The warming shell of a house is the insulation of the outer skin. Walls and ceiling insulation made of natural building materials ensures a room climate that is good for people.                      .  

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Third skin 

The wall surfaces made of clay and lime are the areas that have the most influence on our human development. Natural plasters stimulate the senses and thus enable people to develop freely.

Lehm-Laden is more than just an online shop. Think, feel and love clay: That's us. Fascination, admiration and daily joy about what we create: This is Lehm-Laden. Passionate action, proximity to customers, tried and tested tips: This is Lehm-Laden.

Craftsmen from the origin – we love what we all create from clay, lime and many other natural building materials. Together we are working on a world with a bright future. We, it's not just us from Lehm-Laden. You too can become a part of Lehm-Laden: every customer, every craftswoman, every manufacturer, all truck drivers or parcel carriers belong to the cosmos of Lehm-Laden.

You will find a lot of information and valuable tips on the Lehm-Laden website. These info texts are made for you, namely for people. We want all information to be understandable and meaningful for those interested in ecological building and building materials. Search engines have to deal with this ... 

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Clay shopping

Buying clay at Lehm-Laden: That means choosing an ecological and healthy building material. A clay plaster impresses with several advantages: It is an extremely user-friendly building material, flexible and versatile and available in different structure, thicknesses and colors. It can be processed by hand and with plastering machines alike.

In addition, clay plaster contributes to a positive indoor climate and is an ecological building material: It requires only very little production energy.

Building walls with clay and plastering them ensures reliable regulation of room air humidity. For example, when cooking or heating the humidity fluctuates, which the clay balances out. Moisture in the room air either diffuses to the outside of the building, where it dries, or is later released back into the room air. In half-timbered buildings in particular, this dehumidifying property makes a significant contribution to protecting the wood.

Clay minerals are also able to bind external agents and pollutants and thus “clean” the room air.

Clay plaster for your house - whether for the renovation of a half-timbered house or for a new building: clay is a jack-of-all-trades among building materials.

But clay plaster is not the only ecological building material. A healthy building consists of more than just a good plaster made of clay or lime: insulation against heat and cold, wall heating for comfort and colors for joy.

Lime as a building material - it's like clay, just a little more. Clay is an earth-bound building material because it actually comes directly from the earth. Lime also comes from the earth, but it is far more complex - and also associated with exciting chemical processes such as setting and adhesion to various substrates. Do you have any questions about building with lime? You can find the answers here, and you can also buy lime plaster at Lehm-Laden.

Colorful wall paints for clay or lime plaster. Painting a clay or lime plaster is the reward for a lot of the previous work: the final activity, the result of which you can enjoy every day. Colors are not only an ornament and decoration of the house, but also an expression of your personality. Do you get inspiration from fashionable suggestions or do you prefer to stick with the timelessly beauty? You will find fully ecological clay and lime paints for all applications and for every aesthetic at Lehm-Laden.

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Clay colors : ideal for painting clay plaster. Find our largest selection here.

A little knowledge of building materials: the various clay plasters and their areas of application

Not all clay is the same. All areas of application require the variants optimized for them, since the earth building materials differ in composition, grain size, aggregates and mixing ratios. Clay plasters, insulating stones or drywall are mixed with sand or plant fibers in order to ideally fulfill their respective purpose. Plasters can be very different: coarse or fine, light or heavy, colored or earthy.

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Base plaster or undercoat plaster is used, for example, to level out unevenness, as an embedding mortar or for insulation systems. The much finer clay finish and fine-finishing plasters are, in turn, suitable as final plasters. But they too differ from each other in terms of their grain or color, both optically and haptically. Some form fine and ready-to-paint surfaces, others can be used to create ready-made, ready-to-use surfaces: colored plaster or finishing plasters refined with effect additives make it possible. Before you buy clay plaster, please know exactly the area of application, in order to find the right product.

Buying clay? Competent advice included!

At Lehm-Laden you can not only buy the clay, but also rely on competent advice on the various construction methods and all of our products, on Europe-wide deliveries and a large selection. As craftsmen, earth builders and building biologists, we impart technical knowledge in a practical manner and support you in selecting the ideal building materials for your exact needs. Furthermore, we also offer certified building biology advice, in particular on building physics issues and on diffusion-open, ecological and healthy wall construction.

In addition to our wide range of products and telephone, written or personal advice, you will also find books on earth building with us: ideal for house builders and self-taught women who want to acquire basic knowledge about the various earth building products and their processing.