Fine surfaces

Claytec produces clay design plasters, clay fillers, clay paints and clay brushed plasters in a wide range of colors. From elegant white to warm red tones to lively green: the 146 colors for clay paint, filler or design plaster are optimally coordinated and can be perfectly combined with one another.

Die Yosima Lehm- Designputze

Clay plasters from Claytec

From base plaster to insulating plaster to fine-finish plaster and filler: the natural brown clay plasters from Claytec impress with their consistently high quality.

Machine-compatible, easy and efficient to process. The ecological, building biological and indoor climate advantages of this purely natural building material come into play with a thick layer of base plaster, because in earth building, the following applies: the mass counts.

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Half-timbered renovation

Protecting and maintaining old houses: this is what clay is particularly good at. Direct contact with clay protects every wood perfectly and permanently. Loam removes moisture from its surroundings and, due to this property, is a natural wood preservative.

The use of natural, ecological - and thus traditional - building materials is ideal both for the energetic renovation of half-timbered houses and for their aesthetics: They are sorbent and capillary conductive. This means that moisture that can penetrate through driving rain or that has formed in the room air is always carried away from the wood and can dry off again.

With clay you can fill the compartments in the framework, implement interior insulation, plaster the walls from the inside and occasionally also from the outside. Ceiling floor, roof surfaces and ceiling fillings made of clay become solid, highly insulating components for which earth bricks, insulating light clay, earth wraps or clay plasters are used.

The Claytec range of products covers all areas of application of a half-timbered house.

Claytec half-timbered renovation