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Clay building boards with embedded wall heating

WEM Wandheizung (=wall heating) is a company that has specialized in the production of special clay building boards: prefabricated heating modules for wall and surface heating are integrated in the panels so that they can be connected to the heating circuit as finished components. This makes it possible to install surface heating completely dry. On the one hand, it can be integrated into an existing heating system in just a few simple steps; on the other hand, it can be used to plan and implement a completely new heating system.

The installation as wall or ceiling heating is possible, for the latter application there is also a special model that, connected to a heat exchanger, also serves as cooling. Like ordinary clay building boards, the wall heating panels function as a plaster base, which only needs to be covered with a thin layer of fine plaster.

In addition to surface heating, WEM also offers the entire range of products that is required for installing surface heating, as well as the heat quantity calculation service. All you have to do is enter a few of your key data, whereupon we at Lehm-Laden or the WEM company will calculate the amount of heat required for your house and inform you about the consumables required for this.

Wall heating via the wet process

Wall heating, which you then plaster yourself, is ideal, especially in old buildings or on small areas where you cannot cope with the pre-mounted elements. The heating pipes are attached to the substrate with the toothed rails. The cables are then laid with the help of the spiral spring, which is very straightforward and simple. If you want it to be even easier, but don't want to do without the work of plastering, you can use the ready-made elements from WEM.

After laying the heating pipes, a three-layer plaster is applied. This three-layer plaster consists of three work steps, in the first step the plaster is filled up to the upper edge of the pipe. After drying, the fabric layer then takes place. When this is dry, the end position comes up.

Wet plastered surfaces and finished wall heating panels can be combined with one another as required. Pipe and connections are compatible.

WEM wall heating pipe 

WEM floor heating

The underfloor heating conveys cosiness and comfortable warmth.

The WEM floor heating can be installed quickly and easily and is well suited in combination with wooden floors. Using a dry screed as a load distribution layer, it is also suitable for use under tiles, parquet, laminate and other floor coverings. The heating output depends on the surface used, the water temperature and the room temperature (the floor heating can also be combined with wall and ceiling heating).In addition, it ensures good footfall sound insulation and an improvement in the sound of the room.

WEM floor heating

Cooling with earth building materials

The cooling of living spaces has become more and more important in recent years. To do this, the heat must be reliably transported away. The heating and cooling elements can do this: They absorb heat in the living space and conduct it outside. There, the heat is usually extracted from them again using a heat pump. If the cooling is combined with a clay building board, the clay building board can deal much better with any moisture that may arise. When using plasterboard with integrated cooling, moisture condenses - plaster of paris is not so well suited for this.

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