Schleusner Lehmbaustoffe

Lehm und leben lassen ("clay and let live"

Experience, competence and a wide range of earthen building materials

Schleusner clay products

Hempf and clay

The second generation of the family business Schleusner Lehmprodukte manufactures building materials from clay: Their range includes clay building boards and clay plaster. The clay building boards are particularly noteworthy here. Due to their very dimensionally stable and uniform nature, the hemp-light clay panels are of excellent quality and easy to work with. Built in dry construction, they enable a very easy and effective way of working.

The panels are produced from a mixture of hemp shiv and clay in various thicknesses and with an embedded fabric of either jute or fiberglass. The thickness of the panel to be used in each case depends on the substrate. It is fastened to it with screws or clamps, and the joints are covered and filled with reinforcement fabric. They serve as a carrier for the fine-finish plaster or the facing plaster.

These comparatively very light drywall panels have the good indoor climate properties of all clay building materials, since both clay and hemp have moisture-regulating properties.

Hemp-light clay boards