Zement- und Kalkwerke

Cements, limes, plasters and mortars for a wide variety of applications in the highest quality from the natural raw material limestone                  

To the Otterbein lime plasters

The Calcea lime plaster system 

The Zement- und Kalkwerke ("cement and lime works") Otterbein were originally a large producer of conventional lime materials. A small part of the company deals with ecological and historical lime plasters of high quality. Their range, called Calcea, is a complete lime plaster system and includes base plaster, insulating plaster, fine-finish plaster and lime smoothing, all based in lime. Historic building materials from the Otterbein company are the historic plaster and masonry mortar, which is particularly suitable for laying soft-fired bricks and earth bricks in half-timbered houses, and the pure lime plaster: free of cement, cellulose or other adhesion-improving additives. Only the particularly good quality and consistency enable easy processing.

The Otterbein Calcea lime  plaster system

Pore plaster and NHL 5

A special product from Otterbein is the pore plaster. It is particularly suitable for the renovation of masonry contaminated with salt. Perhaps you have already wondered about the white traces that can be found around knee height, mainly on the exterior walls. This bloom of salts is caused by the moisture transport in the wall. Moisture from below dissolves in the wall, dissolving salts during this process from the rock or mortar. The salts are then carried along by the water and crystallize on the surface of the walls while the water dries The subsurface does not penetrate to the surface. The capillary suction ceases to drive the moisture transport. Salts, if at all, are transported into these pores and stored there. The pore plaster ensures less moisture transport in the wall. Unlike sacrificial plasters, this plaster then remains on the wall as a finished plaster.

In addition to finished plaster mixtures, Otterbein also produces various lime raw materials in its own lime works: NHL 2, NHL 3.5 and NHL 5. Otterbein's NHL 5 is the only NHL 5 on the German market. It has exceptionally high strength and flexibility and is ideally suited for the production of plaster and masonry mortar mixtures and lime screed.

Otterbein lime plaster for historical buldings